How to Wrap a Gift Artfully


What You Need to Start:

  • A roll of your favorite wrapping paper
  • The gift! (in a box if possible)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon, twine, or gift decor of your choice

Step One: Get Organized

Lay your gift box on top of the gift wrap and ensure that the paper is square with the box. Take the paper on the side facing you and fold it over the top edge of the box for about one inch. Pull the other end of the paper on top and crease the excess paper, folding inwards. Once measured and creased perfectly, line up the edge of the paper with the top edge of the box and tape it.

Pro Tip: Less tape is more. Make sure your box and paper are square from the start.


Step Two: Fold up the ends.

Turn the gift box clockwise so one of its ends is facing you. Trim the paper if needed. Tuck and press in the left and right sides of the paper. Press the two resulting folds into triangles—one on the table and one in the air. The result should be a top and bottom triangle.

Fold the bottom triangle against the box and crease every edge of folded paper. If needed use a small piece of tape to secure this fold down.

Fold the top triangle over the bottom triangle. (Ensure your triangles are the same shape and manipulate the paper until they are). Keep creasing every edge of the box with the paper as you go. Line up the top triangle perfectly centre and cut excess if needed. Tape.

Pro Tip: Use two-sided tape. Now repeat on the other side of the box.


Step three: Decorate

Now that your box is flawlessly wrapped it's time to get creative!

Simple ribbon, twine, or bits from a juniper tree hot glued on can make the gift look stunning.

Pro tip: use fabric ribbon that you can regather on Christmas day and re use each year. A cost-saving and chic look.

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